A safe space for our Sisters to re-establish their feminine energy and cultivate their talents & gifts.



Jamii is seeking funding to create an Urban Sanctuary for the Women in our community. An Urban Sanctuary is a safe space where the women in our community can re-establish their feminine energy, and cultivate their talents & gifts. The goal of the sanctuary is to encourage unity and trust among Sisters, the pooling of resources, and re-establishing a healthy community. We intend to achieve this goal through our Cosmic Rhythm – Women’s Empowerment Program. Our unique program utilizes Indigenous Art & Culture to teach the women in our community I.M.H.O.T.E.P (Innovation, Mathematics, Horticulture, Operations Management, Technology, Ecology, and Psychology). Our program is based on the culture and wisdom of our Indigenous Ancestors and provides a foundation for advanced education, practical knowledge, and righteous behavior. Funding for $585,750 is needed for equipment, development, and operations.


The following is an excerpt from an article entitled Crisis of Missing Black Women and Girls Deserves More Public Attention, written last year by Illinois representative Robin Kelly. This excerpt has been edited to include the proper title of American Aborigine to replace “Black” which is a misnomer.

In 2020, 268,884 women were reported missing, according to the National Crime Information Center, with nearly 100,000 of those being American Aborigine (so-called “Black”) women and girls. While American Aborigine women account for less than 15% of our U.S. population, they made up more than one-third of all missing women reported in 2020.

In addition to making up a disproportionate percentage of all missing people, and receiving less media coverage, American Aborigine women and girls are also at increased risk of being harmed. More than 20 percent of American Aborigine women are raped in their lifetime. That’s a higher share than women overall, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

The risk of intimate partner violence is higher for American Aborigine women. In fact, 45% of American Aborigine women experienced physical violence, sexual violence, or stalking from their intimate partner, according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

American Aborigine women face a particularly high risk of being killed at the hands of a man. According to the FBI, at least four American Aborigine women were murdered per day in 2020. That staggering number is probably an under count, as crimes against American Aborigine women go under reported. When it comes to human trafficking, American Aborigine women are at increased risk here as well. As outlined in the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation report on human trafficking, in a two-year study of human trafficking incidents across the country, 40% of sex trafficking victims were identified as American Aborigine women. 

According to the FBI, 53% of all “juvenile prostitution” arrests are American Aborigine children. There is no such thing as “juvenile prostitution” — this is sex trafficking, as juveniles cannot consent to sell sex. Implicit bias plays a hand here. American Aborigine girls have long faced misconceptions of hyper-sexuality, leading society to downplay instances of sexual assault, trafficking and prostitution. 

These statistics are staggering, and these are a few of the factors leading to why so many American Aborigine girls go missing, and why it is so shocking and hurtful that their cases do not receive more attention. 

Chicago Sun Times – Crisis of missing Black women and girls deserves more public attention. By Rep. Robin Kelly Mar 10, 2022, 9:54am EST

This article shows the urgency that must be taken to protect our Mothers, Daughters, and Sisters at all costs. Not only do we need to protect them, we need to build peaceful, sustainable systems and structures for them to thrive in.

The so-called “Black” Woman is the Original Woman and therefore the first teacher. She not only sets the standard for beauty, but she also sets the standard for acceptable behavior in society. Due to its competitive and aggressive nature, Modern Culture considers feminine energy to be weak and therefore doesn’t recognize its value. As a result, our Sisters have been conditioned to believe that to be strong, they have to abandon their femininity and become more masculine. Indigenous Culture knows that feminine energy has the power to unify, nurture and heal our communities, which is why we have always held women in high regard. However, for that feminine energy to express its full potential, it needs to feel safe and protected.

This is why to provide our best effort to our community, there are certain resources that we require. Our most immediate need is a space to create an Urban Sanctuary. This Sanctuary is a safe space where the women in our community can re-establish their feminine energy, cultivate their talents & gifts, and participate in workshops, cultural events, and community projects.

The Urban Sanctuary will have a residency program where volunteers will be selected from the graduates of the Cosmic Rhythm – Women’s Empowerment Program. These Sisters will be the practitioners who facilitate the workshops, events, and projects. In addition, the sanctuary will also be a space to provide a learning through play experience for the youth in our community. The activities at our events are adapted from our I.M.H.O.T.E.P Curriculum, which makes learning fun and easy.

We have chosen the city of Homestead, FL to establish our first Urban Sanctuary. We are happy to announce that we have secured a 6,252-square-foot lot in the heart of a historic community to be the site for our project. Please see the video below for a sneak peek of our vision for the space.


Jamii works with American Aborigine women and children who have been determined to be at risk in their social and economic development for a variety of reasons including:

  • Coming from low-income single-parent households
  • Underserved & impoverished communities
  • Struggling with learning disabilities, such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), or other economic and language-based difficulties.

Sacred Culturally Relevant Safe Spaces that serve this demographic are limited, and if these women and children are not given an opportunity they are, as studies1 show, more likely to:          

  • Have limited access to wealth & resources
  • Lack quality time, help, and attention
  • Have health & behavioral issues
  • Become truant or drop out of school
  • Be suspended or expelled from school
  • Be arrested for a juvenile crime
  • Abuse drugs & alcohol
  • Have teen pregnancy

1Population Reference Bureau, analysis of data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000 Supplementary Survey, 2001 Supplementary Survey and 2002 through 2019 American Community Survey (ACS).


Imhotep was a priest of Ra, advisor, sage, architect, astrologer, physician, and chief minister to Djoser, the second king of Kemet’s (Ancient Egypt) third dynasty. Our I.M.H.O.T.E.P Curriculum is dedicated to the great minds of our Ancestors whose contributions remain an integral part of our daily lives. I.M.H.O.T.E.P is an acronym for Innovation, Mathematics, Horticulture, Operations Management, Technology, Ecology and Psychology.


The core values we focus on in this project are People Care, Earth Care and Fair Share

People Care: People Care is about taking care of self 1st, our lineage, and then our community (in that order). The best way to accomplish this is through a healthy lifestyle. Some areas of focus in our program include:

  • Plant-Based Nutrition & Culinary Alchemy Education
  • Interactive Anatomy & Physiology Education
  • Indigenous Drumming & Dance
  • Moving Meditation
  • Kemetic Yoga
  • Self-Defense (Karate, Kung Fu & Afrikan Martial Arts)
  • Sound Therapy

Earth Care: Permaculture is the Indigenous science of working with the natural contours of the land, and providing services to ecosystems, all while being minimally invasive and resourceful. Not only does Permaculture teach us how to respect nature, but its principles also teach mutual respect, harmony, and self-accountability. Sisters will engage in the following:

  • Sacred Indigenous Science Education & Application (Universal Law, Physics, Permaculture, Astronomy, and more)
  • Sustainable Off-Grid Technology Education
  • Recycled Art Creation
  • Weekly Community Clean-Up Day

Fair Share: Fair Share addresses setting limits to consumption and reproduction, and the redistribution of surplus. For example, an Indigenous community that grows food makes sure that everyone has eaten. The surplus can then be sold outside of the community to reinvest in community resources. Whatever isn’t sold can then be given away. Some Fair Share activities Sisters will participate in include:

  • Regenerative Entrepreneurism Education
  • Jamii Market Vending & Volunteering
  • Community Garden Volunteering
  • Food & Clothing Drives


The goal of our Urban Sanctuary is to encourage unity and trust among Sisters, the pooling of resources, and reestablish a healthy community.

The main objectives include:

  • Create a safe, inclusive, personalized learning environment where our Sisters can engage and contribute based on their unique talents and abilities.
  • Awaken the inner wisdom in our Sisters.
  • Lay a solid cultural foundation that our Sisters can build on.
  • Provide a measurable increase in clear communication, personal accountability, and emotional intelligence.
  • Reestablish a healthy community.
  • Equip our Sisters with foundational skills to successfully respond to life’s challenges.


$ 4300


$ 2310


$ 7788


$ 14404



EQUIPMENT - $13,250






DEVELOPMENT - $504,500

CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS & LABOR – $500,000 (priority)

TRAINING – $4,500 (priority)

OPERATION - $68,000

PASSENGER VAN – $20,000 (priority)

OPERATION BUDGET (2 years) – $48,000


With $529,000 going directly to our priority costs

other circulation options




We want to express our sincere gratitude in advance for your generous circulation (donation).

Your circulation no matter how small will help us get closer to launching our much-needed program.

Because of your generosity, our Mothers, Daughters, and Sisters will finally receive the support that they deserve, and be prepared to birth a future where we are all united as one Human Kingdom.

Thank you for making a difference, and may your circulation return to you multiplied.






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