Futuristic Indigenous is a way of life. It is the practical application of Indigenous Wisdom and Culture in today’s society.

In order to understand why this way of life is so desperately needed in today’s society, it is necessary to establish a point of reference. A point of reference tells us where we are so that we can create a path to where we are attempting to go. It also lets us know where we have been, which keeps us focused in the direction of our destination. This is similar to using a GPS; we enter our current location (point of reference) and our destination (divinity), and the application generates the directions for us to reach our destination. Our point of reference (current location) as a people is the reality of where we are in the present phase of life’s cycle. This reality is not so easy to accept, but it is necessary in order for us to reach our destination.


The reality is that humanity has forgotten it’s true identity. We have abandoned our position and our culture, and we are now unknowingly participating in a “modern culture” that is in direct opposition to our true culture. This may sound like a theory (belief) but if we look at the chart below, we can see the difference between our true Indigenous Culture, and the modern culture that currently dominates society.

“As a society, we can see that we are far removed from our true culture. This is concerning because we are entering a new phase in life’s cycle where practicing our true culture is required in order to thrive. Despite our current location, we still have the ability to exist in this new reality, but we can’t bring our old ways with us. We find ourselves at a crossroad where we have to decide whether we want to crumble with the old world, or rise to a next level of being and doing.”


Due to our inherited state of existence, it would be unrealistic to expect us to return to our true culture overnight. However, we can stop where we are, turn in the right direction, and take small steps everyday that will eventually lead us to our destination.

Fear is the motivating force of modern culture. Fear is an emotion that emerges when a person is presented with something or someone who is unknown. Unknown means to have no knowledge. Once we develop the courage to ask questions, research, and become knowledgeable about something or someone, the fear disappears.

It is our position that The Most High Supreme Creator is the Eternal Supreme Consciousness whose intelligence created the laws by which all things in existence function. Therefore the most important things to know ARE those laws, which we will refer to as “Universal Laws.” Participating in modern culture has made many of us uncomfortable with the word “law,” because we associate it with man’s law, which imposes restrictions on our freedom. However Universal Law is law that was designed by The Most High Supreme Creator with the intention of making sure that all things in existence live in harmony with each other. When we look at it from this perspective, we can see Universal Law as Universal Love. In fact, our Ancestors from KMT (Ancient Egypt) considered the words “law” and “love” to be identical in concept. They practiced a lifestyle that was in harmony with Universal Law (Maat), and were able to create peaceful civilizations that lasted for thousands of years.

Principals rooted in Universal Law encourage behavior that keeps us in harmony with Universal Law and helps us to develop Divine (God-like) character. By the grace of The Most High Supreme Creator, our Ancestors left us with fundamental principles to support us in our Futuristic Indigenous Lifestyle.

Our unique curriculum teaches the practical application of these fundamental principles, but in order to make it available to our community we need your help.  Your circulated funds will assist with costs associated with equipment, research and development. This will allow us to invest the time, materials and energy to produce the superior education experience that our future leaders deserve. Circulated funds also assist with acquiring the equipment and supplies necessary to create our educational products. Show your support by donating to Jamii today!


Our primary focus is accumulating the necessary resources to complete our Cosmic Rhythm – Women’s Empowerment Program, and make it available to our community.

$ 4300


$ 2310


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  • Create a safe, inclusive, personalized
    learning environment where our Sisters are able to engage and contribute based on their unique talents and abilities.
  • Awaken the inner wisdom in our Sisters.
  • Provide representation and a culturally relevant curriculum.
  • Provide a measurable increase in focus and cooperation.
  • Inspire a generation of producers.
  • Equip our Sisters with foundational skills to successfully respond to life’s challenges.


money spent is gone forever; money circulated returns to it's owner multiplied.




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